Use Propane Tanks For Your Outdoor Grill? 4 Tips To Avoid Accidents And Injuries

Posted on: 22 January 2019

If you use propane for your outdoor barbecue, there are some safety tips you should always follow. Propane is an excellent source of fuel for outdoor barbecue use. However, propane can be dangerous if not handled properly. Here are four safety tips that will help you avoid accidents and injuries when using propane.

Practice Safe Tank Transport

If you use portable propane tanks, it's crucial that you practice safe tank transport. First, always ensure that your tanks are transported in the upright position. You should never try to transport them while they're on their sides. Second, ensure that your tanks are secured in the vehicle. You don't want them to bounce around or fall over during transport. Finally, if your propane tanks are being transported inside the passenger compartment of your car, be sure to keep the windows open. While not normally an issue, you don't want to accidentally breathe in propane fumes while you're driving home.

Store in the Right Location

If you have multiple tanks, or you've shut your outdoor cook station down for the winter, you'll want to store your tanks in the right location. First, always store your tanks in an area with adequate ventilation. For maximum safety, they should be stored in a cool, dry location. Second, do not stack your tanks, unless you've built a self-contained storage unit with individual sections. Finally, store your tanks in an area that will allow you to inspect them on a weekly basis.

Disconnect Tank When Not in Use

If you have a propane barbecue or cook station, and you keep the tank connected at all times, you'll want to discontinue that practice. Over time, the connection can wear out, leaving you at risk for propane leaks. To avoid problems, always disconnect your propane tanks when they're not in use. Be sure that the shut off valve is firmly turned to the off position.

Post Emergency Procedures

If you don't have emergency procedures posted near your propane tanks, now's the time to take care of that. You should have a list of emergency procedures posted near all your propane tanks, including those that are in use at your barbecue or cook station. Emergency procedures include the following:

  • Extinguish all open flames at the first sign of propane odors
  • Shut your propane tank off immediately
  • Cover tank with wet cloth
  • Call 911

These emergency procedures should be followed if your propane tanks develop a leak or become damaged. If your tanks do suffer damage, or develop leaks, you should replace them as soon as possible.

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